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Robert Talty Resume

ROBERT P. TALTY3181 Felton Drive
Beavercreek, Ohio 45431
Home: 937-427-1854
Cell: 937-231-3991
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PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVE: Business Performance Contribution
Through a direct position, my goal is to secure a senior level marketing and/or sales management position where I can leverage my unique career experiences to have a mission critical impact on the financial performance of your business or organization. This would include the direct involvement in strategic direction and tactical support to increase sales, revenue, profitability and market share.

Extensive Experience: With over 40 years of life and work experience, I am at my very best – having developed several key assets that can contribute directly to the goals and objectives of your team.

Organizational Leadership
Based on this recognized definition – People to performance, my greatest strengths focus on creating, capturing and/or cultivating corporate or team vision. Through extensive life/work experiences, I have also developed effective interaction skills required to synergize, engage and empower people to implement those visions. I have extensive selling team leadership and individual seller coaching experience in addition to advisory and executive board leadership for both profit and non-profit organizations.

Resource Management
Based on this recognized definition – Resources to results, I am a seasoned and responsible manager of assets and resources that produce bottom-line cost management at any level of the organization. In addition to P&L responsibility in several of my career positions, I have developed and launched workforce productivity programs that help to prevent, reduce and control costs while increasing team and individual employee productivity.

Business Development
Second to leadership is my track record in the development and implementation of plans and strategies that resulted in rapid growth of current revenue centers. Business associates have also commented on my keen ability to research, benchmark, develop, test, launch and manage new business revenue sources such as business units, products, services, customer segments, markets, etc.

Strategic Marketing
The strengths that have generated the greatest lifetime results is my keen insight and proven ability to research, predict, develop, produce and deliver productive marketing plans, budgets and initiatives. Peer executives have commented about my ability to initiate and implement high impact programs that drive top-line sales, revenue and profitability throughout the front end of the business.

Sales ResultsThe strengths that have generated the greatest return on my employment investment are my proven skills in the development, training and implementation of successful direct sales and distribution programs. The strengths that have generated the most personal income over my career are demonstrated in my track record of consistent personal sales performance and top-line business contribution.
1. Business to business (Commercial and relationship sales)
2. Business to consumer (Consumer and retail sales)

Personal Development
The strengths that have generated the most personal pride over the years are reflected in my training, personal development, motivation, mentoring and sharing of experiences with people that have crossed my path throughout my life. Many phases of my career included sales, sales management and leadership curriculum development and the high impact delivery of pre-packaged or original training curriculum. Building credibility quickly, integrating real life experiences and energetic content delivery continue to be my key training strengths.

Creative Design
The most practical skills that have fueled a lifetime of productivity are my creativity, information technology and communication skills. In addition to being wired, connected and technology savvy, I am an excellent writer, recognized speaker, program (curriculum) developer and proficient in the latest graphic arts, multimedia/web and media production software suites (Adobe production suites).

2011 – Present
Since 2010 I have been chapter Co-chair, counselor and program development for Dayton SCORE Chapter 107. In this role, I help mentor businesses of all types and sizes in getting started, recovering or growing. I also build programs that will help the Dayton SCORE Chapter to evolve into the next generation, premier small business support group in the Dayton area.

2005 – 2011 Cassano’s Inc, Dayton Ohio
As director business development, I am directly responsible for marketing within the retail food service business and the development and implementation of new business divisions. I have developed new revenue streams, distribution channels, human resource and operations programs and new product offerings which have resulted in diversity of the business, increased sales, reduce costs and cash flow stabilization.

The School of Advertising and Art
I am an instructor of Marketing and History of Advertising at the two year associate degree college in Dayton, Ohio. I teach and mentor college students on academic (marketing), career and personal level as well as participate in the schools planning, program development and implementation.

2003 – 2005 The Eastpoint Group, Dayton, Ohio
As director of business development for a traditional marketing communications agency, my role was to help the business transition, grow and expand through planning, marketing and direct account sales. I helped develop new selling messages, products, packaging and corporate identity that increased the overall performance of the business while making it more responsive to today’s client demands. I also helped develop and implement account sales and management strategies that resulted in new customers and increased sales from existing clients.

2001 – 2003 Technology Resource Group (TRG), Dayton, OhioAs president of TRG, I provided a spectrum of consulting services and information products designed to help Information & Communications Technology (ICT) manufacturers, suppliers resellers and integrators to increase their sales, revenue and profitability through the effective marketing and sales of their products and services within their targeted markets. I have also worked with non-technology clients in retail, food service and software to develop and launch marketing plans and comprehensive sales and sales management training programs.

1992 - 2001 NEC America, Inc. Corporate Networks Group, Dallas, Texas
As Vice President of Marketing and Sales Support (NEC CNG) (1995 - 2000), I was responsible for the strategic marketing for the communications group within North America, Canada and South America. As key spokesperson and strategic planner, I played a significant leadership role in a team responsible for rapid sales (from 200 million to 1 billion in 8 years) and market share growth (from 10th position to 3rd in 8 years) and business expansion. Director of Marketing and Sales Support (NEC CPE Group) (1992 - 1995)

1984 - 1992 Telecom Resources of America, Dayton, Ohio
I was president and equity partner (Division of Business Telephone Systems of America) of this ICT industry consultant and training company that did business with many of the key industry players at that time. NEC Australia was a major client and I worked with their CPE group for close to two years to establish direct and dealer distribution channels.

1973 – 1984 Business Telephone Systems, Ohio
While helping this company grow from start-up to over 28 million in revenue in eight years, I held several marketing, sales, sale management, P&L, director and vice president - equity positions within the company. Entering the business in 1972, I was also actively involved in creating a competitive environment in the telecom industry through involvement in a national industry associations and federal and state legislative, legal and regulatory activity.

Prior to 1984
Throughout my early career, I successfully held marketing, direct sales and sales management positions in retail, sound reinforcement, intercom, paging, office products (computers) and telecom systems sales - many involving P&L responsibilities with industry leading companies in the Ohio and Midwest area.


I have a High School Diploma complemented by marketing and general business courses at university level for about 2 years (25 hours) in addition to U.S. Army training programs, throughout active and reserve duty. I have consistently built my knowledge base, resources and experience through numerous business management courses and sales and marketing seminars throughout my career. Programs like Holden (“Valuebase Selling”), Learning International (“Account Development Strategy”), Carew (“Positional Selling”), Six Sigma (Green Belt), H.R. Challey Group and Wilson Learning (“Consultive Selling”), Carnegie (“Sales Advantage”) and others have shaped my success. Books like “Spin Selling”, “Selling Through Persuasion”, Geoffrey Moore (“Inside the Tornado”), John Maxwell, Stephen Covey and many others have also helped to shape my sales, management and leadership effectiveness. I am computer literate, internet savvy, a skilled typist, and proficient at several of the common creative software application suites like MS Office, Adobe Creative and Macromedia.

My wife and I enjoy home remodeling and landscaping, entertaining, photography and collecting antiques. I personally enjoy research, writing editorial and creating and delivering (speaking) about business, marketing and sales across all types and sizes of businesses. Through formal (governing board positions, business coaching volunteer (SCORE and The Entrepreneur Center) and informal team leadership involvement, I enjoy contributing to the success and growth of my church, our community, non-profit organizations and businesses.
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